L shape sofa LLC-YS01186GR

Size 2800*1600*850mm. Science and technology fabric. Solid wood frame. High density rebound sponge
¥ Name of the Product: Sectional sofa (Lshape) LLC-YS01186GR ¥ Design Specifications: Wood carved frame, high density rebound sponge. ¥ Material: feather foam, high-density rebound sponge , imported fabric. ¥ Durability: We take immense pride in every product we design and build. Every sectional sofa manufactured at our end features the best quality materials. However, to reinforce the belief of our customers in our Company and products, we offer 5-8 years of warranty for our products. ¥ Best location suggestions to place along with the best surrounding suggestions: The sleek design and comfy features of our handsome L-shaped sectional sofa make it an excellent fit for living room corners. Alternatively, it can be centred to enjoy the warmth of the fireplace or a comfortable TV view. Leave sufficient space around the set-up so that getting around is easy. The product is designed for interior settings. Plus, keep it away from direct sunlight.
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