L shape sofa KD-QS009

Size: L3650*W1850*H910 mm


Name of the Product: KDQS009 Sectional sofa (Lshape)

Design Specifications:

Pine wood frame, Metal legs


feather foam, high-density foam, Italian Napa Leather


KDQS009 is a people-oriented design concept. Advocate the perfect combination of vision and touch with imperceptible exquisite details showing elegance and nobility.

Best location suggestions to place along with the best surrounding suggestions:

The sleek design and comfy features of our handsome L-shaped sectional sofa make it an excellent fit for living room corners. Alternatively, it can be centered to enjoy the warmth of the fireplace or a comfortable TV view. Leave sufficient space around the set-up so that getting around is easy. The product is designed for interior settings.

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