ottoman KD-QS00-4

Size: 800*600*430 mm

    Name of the Product: Ottoman KD-QS006-4

    Design Specifications

  • Sometimes hinged from the back to open up like a lid, the movable ottoman becomes an additional piece of comfort with possibly a reclining chair, where it is used as a footstool. Sold as an accessory or as coordinating furniture, these come in a functional design with or without armrests.
  • Material

  • Made simply using a wooden frame, imported nappa leather; sometimes Italian leather and super high-density foam; Ottomans are move-around pieces that sometimes store some bare essentials.
  • Durability

  • There is a five to eight years warranty on all our products.
  • Best location suggestions to place along with the best surrounding suggestions: For a room that already has a sofa arrangement, like your living room, Ottomans can be used in sync with the rest of the pieces. They can also be placed in your study.
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