six seater sofa LLC-YS0128GR

Size 3900*3050*750mm. Linen fabric. Solid wood frame. High density rebound sponge

    Name of the Product: Living Room Fabric sofa LLC-YS0128GR

    Design Specifications:

  • This turquoise living room fabric sofa is a combination of wood, and fabric. The sofa has a wooden base frame that supports the high density rebound sponge. The foam used in the sofa is of high density. It allows the sofa to be long-lasting and comfortable. The fabric used to cover the highly durable foam is carefully selected. The imported Linen fabric is intricately self-designed with impressions for comfort and style.
  • Material:

  • _ Wood base
  • _ Imported Linen fabric
  • _ High-density rebound sponge
  • Durability:

  • The living room fabric sofa is sturdy and durable. With easy care and service options, the sofa will last for a minimum of 10 years. The sofa comes with a promising warranty of 5-8 years.
  • Location:

  • The sofa can be placed in the living room with a side lamp. The feather-like foam & imported fabric of the sofa gives the living room a touch of modern living and thus, keeping it closer to a flower vase can be considered.
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